Arabian horses

Breeding Arabian horses represents most regions of the Kingdom, and horse stables are spread wherever you go in the Kingdom. Ha’il, for example, is famous internationally for breeding the best Arabian horses. It has 15 horse ranches, which produce exceptional horses that are sold throughout the Kingdom and around the world. 

The origin of the Arabian Horse is unknown. The remnant records suggest it is related to a similar series of horses in America, Asia, the Caspian Lake, and the Barbary Coast. The Arabian horse that was found in Ha’il by the year 400 A.D. was different from the rest of the horses worldwide.

The Arabian horse is small, and only 140 to 160 cm tall. Its weight rarely exceeds 453 kilograms. It is also unexpectedly fast in relation to its physical structure, which is due to its strong muscles and hard bones. It also has a vertebrae structure, which improves its strength and appearance.

The Arabian horse is not fast in short distances compared to other light horses, such as Alreb’ horses, Marghany horses, and indigenous horses, but still, these horses owe these qualities to the Arabian horse.​
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