The Most Wonderful Three Days in Medina

Places to visit:
Quba’ Mosque, Khatam Well, Qiblatain Mosque, the Battle Badr site, the Holy Mosque of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), Badr area, Areesh mosque, Yanbou city, Sharm Yanbou. 
You can enjoy your stay in the Madina area through this wonderful tourism program, which lets you visit  the most fascinating historical and natural places all in just a few days.
Day I:
The day begins with a trip to the Quba Mosque (the first mosque in Islamic history) to learn about the story of its construction. Then   head over to the famed Khatam Well and then the the Jum’ah Mosque (the first mosque where the Friday (Jum’ah) prayer was performed). After that, go to the Qiblatain Mosque and then travel through the city to visit the Martyrs Cemetery (Shahids) near Mount Uhod and the site of Battle of Uhod (the second battle in Islam) and finally,  the Holy Prophet’s Mosque for prayers and visiting the Holy Rawdhah (Prophets’ tomb). End the day by visiting the Jannat-ul-Baqi or Baqi-ul-Qarqad, the historic cemetery near the Prophet’s Mosque.
Day II:
First, go to the Badr area, which is 162 kilometers away from Madina, where the Battle of Badr took place. This was the first battle in the history of Islam, and some of the details of this battle were mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. A visit to this area enriches your knowledge about many relevant historical  beliefs and principles. View the battlefield and pray in the mosque of Areesh, which was also the retreat of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Finally, go to the city of Yanbu to spend the night there.
Day III:
Yanbu City is considered one of the best areas in the world  for scuba diving enthusiasts, as it overlooks the Red Sea, which is rich in vibrant corals reefs and sea life. Sharm Yanbu is located north of the Yanbu city, and it is one of the most beautiful coastal areas and it includes many resorts,  diving centers and yachts(boats?) for divingexcursions . Prince Abdul Mohsen Airport is the Regional Airport in Yanbou Al-Bahr.

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