The Most beautiful Three Days in Jazan

The Most beautiful Three Days in Jazan
Discover Jazan’s splendor in a three-day short vacation, during which you can visit the most important places and historical heritage locations. You can allocate time for a walk around the high castles located in the backdrop of the picturesque nature, where you will live the most beautiful experiments and identify the ancient villages you will not see again in your life.  You are now in Jazan, the Pearl of the South

The First Day
Dedicate this day to cruise that begins with your marching to the ferry office, then travel by sea to the Farasan Island.  Here you are invited to visit Al-Najdi House, one of the most beautiful houses built in the island’s style.   Al-Najdi House is characterized by elaborately designed and magnificent inscriptions. You will embrace the history when you whenever you enter a Al-Najdi Mosque, which is characterized by the beauty of its design and inscriptions.  The history of Farasan Island can be recognized through viewing the Turkish castles that were built by the Turks. They represent the military garrison then.  At the end of the day, you will go on a beautiful picturesque cruise around the shores of Farasan Island that are surrounded by magnificent mangroves.  Your trip is not complete without a visit to the beautiful blue beaches of the Fursan Island.

The Second Day
Start your morning by heading towards the port to reach Al-Dawseriyah Castle, an archeological castle ruin dating back to the Ottoman Empire. It was the headquarters of the Turkish governor in Jazan. Then, go to the traditional village to recognize the different architectural styles starting from the mountain houses that are perched on the edges of Tihamah to the famous Tihama house, which is called “Bait Farasan”. At the end of the day, you will visit the southern Corniche of Al-Murjan Island to enjoy watching the sea. 

The Third Day
You begin toward the Wadi Lajab, a valley. It is one of the natural sites at the foot of Al-Sarat Mountains. Then then go up the Fifa Mountain, which is distinguished for its outstanding beauty and natural towering height. A road is paved around it starting from the eastern side of Fifa Mountain up to the top, then going down the western side to the foot of the Mountain. Fifa Mountain is covered with evergreen layer throughout the year, and it is characterized by moderate weather all through the year.

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