Most Wonderful Three Days in Aseer

You can enjoy the most prominent attractions of Aseer in just a three-day break through a customized program, and you won’t miss the wonderful historical and heritage sites while enjoying the delicious cuisines. The program includes hiking in the woods and shopping in the traditional markets of Aseer.

Day One

Your customized private tour starts with the Tuesday Market, which is one of the most famous traditional markets where you can buy local products such as honey, dates and grains. From here, you can head towards Shada Palace. An archeological site is beautifully designed and architectured. Continue to indulge in the rich heritage of the province by visiting Al-Ragdy Museum, which is filled with traditional local archeological items. Are you looking for adventure?  Head to Al-Jabl Al-Akhdr (Green Mountain). It is one of the beautiful parks overlooking Abha city. Take a ride on the cable cars and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or have a delicious meal in its famous restaurant. Don’t forget to pass by the Visitors Center where you can enjoy the Wild Life Museum. End your trip with a beautiful sun set that you can enjoy standing on the cliff overlooking Tihama.

Day Two

On your arrival at Al-Swda, take a hike in its lush woods and enjoy the view of the beautiful agricultural terraces. Move on towards Al-Sahab Park with its breath taking sceneries over the cliff. While you are there, why not try paragliding above the Sarawat Mountains. It is definitely something to enjoy and remember by, whether as a performer or as a spectator. If you are hungry by then, enjoy the delicious local dishes and indulge in traditional handicrafts in Al-Swdah traditional market before you head towards the cable car station. At the end of the second day, take a tour in the deep history of the province by walking around the narrow streets of Rejal Alma’a Village. You will be amazed by the beauty of its old stone and clay buildings, with stunning architecture and attractive colors that blend naturally with the surrounding nature.

Day Three

Early in the morning head towards Al-Fara and Delgan parks, where you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Juniper trees standing under light drizzle. Not far away is Al-Masqa Valley and the villages. One of the most striking villages is Al-Yanfa village, which is located on top of a mountain and surrounded with clouds. This is from where you can take a ride to Al-Habla Natural Park.  It is a nature’s miracle with its lush green lands and beautiful sceneries. All tourism services are provided at this site. When you are done with nature, take a trip into the past by visiting one of the oldest forts in Uhd Rfaida, which is over 300 years old, and Hamssan Heritage Village, which is a beautiful complex of traditional restaurants. At the end of your trip, visit the Silver Market where you can buy, sell or even repair all types of silver products. ​

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