Janadriyah … when and where?
The annual National Festival of Heritage and Culture is usually held for two weeks in January or February in the village of Janadriyah on the northeastern edge of Riyadh.
festival site in Riyadh.

Al Janadriya Operetta

Janadriyah opens with an operetta that depicts the story of the foundation and unification of Saudi Arabia and presents traditional arts with the participation of famous Saudi poets and artists.​

Tourism Oasis 

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) will participate in Al Janadriya Festival through its Tourism Oasis, where many heritage and folklore events will be offered with the participation of craftsmen and productive families throughout the festival days of the festival.  It will also organize the ​“Live Saudi Arabia” program and excursions to various Kingdom’s provinces. 

Camel Racing


The Grand Camel Race is one of the most important elements of the Al Janadriya Festival. It is held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, because the camel race represents a long-standing Saudi heritage that the Kingdom seeks to promote.

Saudi Ardha​

Saudi Ardha, which is sponsored by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, represents one of the most important activities of the National Festival of Culture and Heritage. It reflects the union of the people and the leadership and represents the embodiment of pride, strength and the cohesion of the nation. The atmosphere of joy and pleasure is filled through beautiful verses and the participants will be doing sober dances swaying with constant steps and holding sward of strength and pride in their hands. 

Government Pavilions

Many government institutions and entities will be present at Al Janadriya Festival through their pavilions and display important relevant photos, sculptures and collectibles.  They will also provide exclusive seminars that will spread awareness and publicize their services.   Interesting offers, competitions, gifts and valuable prizes will be shared with the visiting public.

Provincial Pavilions

As is customary, all regions of the Kingdom will be present at Al Janadriya Festival to showcase their folklore, handicrafts, delicious folk foods and heritage through their offerings, reflecting the Kingdom's authentic urban heritage. They will receive visitors throughout the festival and through most beautiful performances and wonderful folk paintings.

Companies and Corporate wings

Participating in the National Festival of Heritage and Culture will be many companies and institutions to shake hands with visitors and they will provide many free distinctive services and valuable products at discounted rates to visitors while they are touring through the festival arena.  It includes presentation of career opportunities, showcasing achievements of the companies, and their programs and progress.

Poetry Evenings​

Prominent intellectuals and media professionals in the community participate in the most important aspect of Al Janadriya Festival as a major and important cultural activity – the Poetry Evenings. These include a number of seminars, lectures and poetry readings through a remarkable gathering of Arab intellectuals and writers from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Plays and public performances

As usual, Al Janadriya Festival will bring together renowned Saudi artists and performers from different provinces of the Kingdom to offer most meaningful presentations to spread smiles among the audience, with a focus on concepts, values and awareness.​

​Heritage Village Activity

Enjoy the Heritage Village, along with its folklore games and popular Souq at Al Janadriya, which smells of a beautiful past shared by different regions of the Kingdom, through its heritage exhibits. The popular Souq includes handicrafts ​and social and industrial activities from different regions of the Kingdom along with popular games, with an aim to link them to the reality of the contemporary times.​

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