Wadi Hanifa
​​​​​​​​​​With a catchment area of more than 4500km2, Wadi Hanifah is the largest wadi system in Nejd, extending 120km southeast to the edges of the Empty Quarter. Underground aquifers and fertile soils along the wadi floors saw early farming communities develop throughout Wadi Hanifah. Over millennia the settlements grew into competing oasis towns, including Addiriyah which emerged as the capital of the First Saudi State. Since 1994, environmental rehabilitation of Wadi Hanifah has included the development of 80km2 public parkland. Today Wadi Hanifah offers extensive walkways, seating, lakes, and 80km of hiking trails and has had more than 50,000 trees and 7,000 palm trees planted.


Wadi Hanifah’s main watercourse is fed from permanent subterranean aquifers extending from Arqa in the north to Al Hair lakes in the south It was designed as an aesthetic enhancement to the wadi, with rocky outcrops in the stream acting as natural weirs regulating the water flow.  


Over 47km of walkways – including 7.4km paved – thread through the wadi’s magnificent rock formations and areas, offering easy access from the many car parks. Trails cater for all, including serious  hikers, joggers, baby buggies and wheelchairs, and are equipped with seating and gazebos.  


During the rehabilitation of Wadi Hanifah, more than 50,000 native trees, shrubs, and desert grass and 7,000 palm trees were planted, restoring Wadi Hanifah to its natural state.


Wadi Hanifah includes six main parks offering accessible walkways, a restored watercourse and plenty of seating and shade..

 Al Elb Dam

Located north of Al Dirriyah Al Elb Dam park is the main park on the wadi, and boasts 5.5km of walkways, parking for 200 cars, 93 banks of seating and various tourist services. 

 Wadi Hanifah Valley Dam Park

Located south of Arqa, the park offers a 5.6km walkway, visitor seating and parking for 200 cars.

 Sultana Park

Sultana Park in the Sultana district of Riyadh is planted with  a wide variety of desert shrubs, palm trees, Acacia, family seating, accessible walkways and car parks. 

 Mattalat Atiqa

The 52 scenic viewpoints and seating areas on the eastern side of the valley in Atiqa region offer some of the most popular relaxation spots in the whole of Wadi Hanifah. The site is equipped with toilets, car parks and walkway.  

 Stone Dam Park

Located in Al Shifa district of south Riyadh, the park includes a 150 meter-high dam, a large 10,000 m2 lake, 4.5km of  illuminated walkways and numerous  seating areas around the lake. 

 Factories Lake Park

In Riyadh’s southern industrial district the park includes walkways, seating areas, a 40,000 m2 , 10 meter-deep boating lake that is home to myriad waterfowl. to the park offers 4100 meters of  walkways parking for 155 cars.

 Al Jaza'h Lake Park

Located in Al Mansourya district of south Riyadh the park has 35,000m2lake,  37 family seating areas, 5.5 km of walkways, and parking for  120 cars.​
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