Rijal Almaa

​​​​​Rijal Almaa is located in Asir and dates back to more than 5000 years. It is a prominent tourist attraction where you will find the charm of nature and the unique urban heritage style. The beauty of architecture mix with the captivating nature to draw a wonderful picture that attracts the tourist to move around the amazing valleys. It is like a mythical city that rose amid mountains and valleys, with a rich social and economic life.​​​​​​

 Al Alwan Museum

​It is located in Rijal Almaa Governorate, and it is a tourist attraction for many people. It was opened in 1407 AH. It includes several ancient antiquities, clothes, and utensils which Asir is famous for. ​

 Wadi Hali Dam

​Wadi Hali, which is located north of Rijal Almaa and where many valleys pour into it, is not the only tourist attraction in that magnificent region. The urban heritage is an important attraction that deserves to be visited. You will watch houses built amid mountains, some of which were built using quartz.  ​

 Rijal Almaa Park

​It is one of the unique parks, due to its exceptional location. It is located on a high mountain, which makes you close to the clouds. When the rain falls, it adds magic to the place and makes you relax and feel comfortable. ​

 Cable Car Experience

​It is a breathtaking and refreshing experience when you find yourself close to the clouds, watching the marvelous green spaces. The cable car experience in Rijal Almaa is the most amazing of all, so you have to try it with your friends. ​
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