Unification of Saudi Arabia

This gallery is located directly after the First and Second Saudi State theme. It covers an area of 1200 square meters, and depicts the emergence of the Third Saudi State at the hands of late King Abdulaziz in 1319 AH/1902 AD. It also displays a collection of artifacts dating back to the Third Saudi State. The gallery includes a hall for screening documentary films about King Abdulaziz, his achievements, and efforts made in the unification of Saudi Arabia since the re-capture of Riyadh. The provinces featured are Aseer, Hail, Hijaz, Al Ahsa and others that were the foundation of Saudi Arabia in 1351 AH/1932 AD. The gallery also depicts King Abdul-Aziz’s unification of Saudi towns and cities, the formation of various state establishments and key international conventions signed by King Abdulaziz at that time. Finally, there is a display regarding urban development of Riyadh, features of built heritage in the provinces of huge diversity, as well as an overview of the beginning of the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia.​

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