Prophetic Mission

This is the 4th gallery in sequence. It covers an area of 350 square meters, and it is located on the first floor of the museum. It depicts the period from the dawn of Islam to early phases of the spread of Islam. It showcases the life of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), the revelation, battles, Holy Quran and manuscripts of the Quran. The gallery is accessed with an escalator, and it houses artifacts described in both Arabic and English labels. Some of these artifacts depict the lineage of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), his upbringing, travels to the Levant, his wives, life after prophecy, and his migration to Medina. Directly after this gallery is a long narrow hall that widens at the other end. On the right side is a large ceramic mural showcasing the Prophet’s journey from Makah to Medina using illustrations, audio and written phrases.

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