Jeddah Markets

​Along the facades of closely aligned houses, locked doors, still windows and winding narrow alleys, are owners long gone, leaving behind life stories, and a beautiful past that once filled these homes.

The approximate area within the walls of Old Jeddah is estimated at about 1.5 square kilometers. It still possesses traces of traditional life reflecting the old social and economic nature, which is currently concentrated around the mosques and souks of the area. There are a number of handicraft shops scattered around. Some of the most popular shops in the historical area, past and present, which form the economic and dynamic backbone of the area are, Alawi Souk, Bedu Souk, Qabil Souk and Nada Souk. In addition to the historical Khans, also called kaysariya, i.e., closed roof markets with connected shops. Key Khans of Jeddah are Khan Al Hnood, Khan Al Qasabah, which is a fabric store, Khan Al Dalaleen and Khan Al Atareen.

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