Jeddah’s Key Historical Mosques

The old districts of Jeddah are the sites of many ancient historical mosques. Among these mosques are: 
Al-Shafe'i Mosque: Situated in Harat Al-Mathloum in Al-Jame'i market, it is the oldest of the mosques. It is said that its minaret was built in the 7th Hegira Century (13th A.D.). It is unique in architecture, i.e., quadrangle with an open center for ventilation. It has undergone extensive restoration and maintenance work, and is still open for prayer.

Uthman bin Affan Mosque: Also called Abanoos Mosque (mentioned by Ibn Battuta, and Ibn Jubayr in their journeys) due to the existence of two ebony poles. It is located in Harat Al-Mathloum, has a large minaret and was built in the 9th and 10th Hegira centuries.

Al-Basha Mosque: Located in Harat Al-Sham, the mosque was built by Bakr Basha, who was the governor of Jeddah in 1735 A.D. Its minaret gave the city an archaeological and architectural landmark, and remained unchanged until 1978 A.D., when the mosque was demolished and another built in its place.

Akkash Mosque: Located on Qabel Street to the west, this mosque  was built before 1379 Hegira. It was renovated by Akkash Abaza and its ground level was raised higher than the level of the street so that it is accessed with a few steps. It has remained in good condition and is still open for prayers.

Al-Mi'maar Mosque: It is located on Al-Alwai Street to the west in Harat Al-Mathloum. Its construction was ordered by Mustafa Mi'maar Basha in 1384 Hegira. It is now in good condition, is open for prayers, and has its own endowments. 
Al-Rahmah (mercy) Mosque: It is built over a body of water along Jeddah Corniche.

King Saud Mosque: Situated in the Al-Balad area, it was built during the reign of King Saud.

Jiffali Mosque: It is in the Al-Balad area across from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bay’ah roundabout south of Jeddah.

Hasan Anani Mosque: Located along central Jeddah Corniche at the intersection of Hamra Street and Corniche Road

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