Art Galleries
    • Naila Art Gallery supports the local creative scene with a changing and active exhibition program and a calendar of events including workshops, lectures and outreach activities.
    • Sama is a platform for young creatives, helping develop their practical skills and creativity with a diverse program of activities.
    • Ama supports the art community and seeks to deepen its values of peace, dialogue and beauty through by developing artistic talent that can enrich the cultural landscape and benefit society.
    • Abstract Gallery supports Saudi and Arab artists, and organizes exhibitions for artists at local and national levels.
      Abstract Art Galler
    • Stages exhibitions and offers picture framing services.
      Oriental Art Gallery
    • Hewar Art Gallery in the heart of Riyadh and is home for Arab modern and contemporary art. The Gallery has an in-house collection of some of the best art works from many talented artists in the region.
      Hewar Art Gallery
    • A contemporary art gallery located in Nojoud, Riyadh, the gallery encompasses three exhibition spaces showing a diverse group of established and emerging artists.
    • L’Art Pur is one of the largest galleries in the Middle East. Designed in a museum style with 540m2 of exhibition space.
    • Located in Bougainvillea building in Jeddah, Hafez engages with local, Middle Eastern and international artists to explore modern and contemporary art.
    • Founded by Hamza Serafi and Mohammed Hafiz, Athr is a contemporary art project space and gallery that has enabled artistic dialogue between contemporary artists across the world since 2009.
    • Z Gallery showcases national and international works of art and modern design to the public.
    • Nesma Art Gallery, a new exhibition space located in Jeddah’s Al Rawdah district, opened in 2014. It includes an exhibition hall for visual arts, a café and a library.
    • A Jeddah gallery space that aims at enriching the art scene by encouraging young artists to launch their careers nationally and internationally by creating collaborations between artists from around the world, exchanging their experiences and presenting their artworks.
      Tasami Creative Lab
    • A gallery that displays many of the works of artist Safeya Binzagr telling the story of her life as well as her own studio.
      Darat Safeya Binzagr
    • Established in Jeddah in 1995, Al Aalamia is one of the first fine art galleries in Saudi Arabia, and offers courses on authentic Islamic art and scenic landscape.
      Al Aalamia Gallery
    • Roshan Fine Arts was founded by Arsh-Talal Kurdi more than 30 years ago. It has played a key role in the movement of contemporary Arab and international art through staging numerous popular exhibitions.
    • The Center offers courses including graphic art, oil painting, painting on glass, copper and calligraphy, as well as staging art exhibitions and graphic design workshops.
      Saudi Center for Fine Arts
    • Jeddah’s R Gallery was established by HRH Princess Reem Al Faisal Al Saud in 2015. It displays contemporary international art to introduce young and experienced artists alike with exhibitions and workshops.
    • A gallery that works to support and develop art innovation in the Eastern Province. It hosts art exhibitions and organizes art training courses.
    • Founded in 1990 in Al Khobar, Desert Designs showcases nomadic tribal arts from the desert, preserves Islamic heritage and designs, and hosts numerous art exhibitions, providing a platform for local artists.
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