Dhee Ayn
Thee Ain,  one of the Tohamat Zahran villages, is a 600-year-old settlement  to the southwest of the city of Makhwah. The village comprises more than 40 houses and a mosque nestling at an elevation of some 1900 meters on a white rocky mountain overlooking a river, in an area famous for basil, banana and lemon cultivation and traditional handicrafts.


The village comprises several stone houses of between two and seven floors, characterized by ceilings built with juniper trees from the nearby forests and balconies decorated with local quartz.

 The spring

The village was named after the perennial spring (Ain), one of many that flow out of the mountainside hereabouts.


Thanks to abundant water, bananas grow well in Thee Ain, the local varietal being small and sweet. Pepper and crops including basil, hala trees and roses add to the fragrant atmosphere.​
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