Madain Saleh Train Station

A large and major pilgrim station, this site contains an ancient Islamic fortress surrounding the Naqah Well. There is also an old pool and 5 stone wells, as well as 16 railway buildings built with treated stones.
The train station is near Mada’en Saleh and consists of 16 buildings that date back to the Ottoman Empire. It is one of the most important stations along the Hijaz railway. It is characterized for its architectural style, and was used as a rest area, accommodations and a restaurant for passengers. It consists of a workshop for the maintenance of trains. Parts of a train still remain at the station today.
There are a number of other stations no less important in Madina Province including Atheeb, Mubarak Al-Naqah, Abu Taqah, AL-Ola, Bwat, Al-Hafeerah, Mekheet, Al-Badae’, Hadiag and AL-Medrej.

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