Al Hada and Al Shafa
They are two of the most beautiful summer resorts in Saudi Arabia that are linked to the neighboring cities through mountain roads. All services are available there. They include a number of hotels and a large number of parks and gardens because Al Hada is an agricultural region.

 Rose Plantation and Distillation

When you visit Al Hada, make sure that you get fragrance products and take photos amid flowers. Al Hada is the main center of rose plantation and distillation, where fragrance lovers can learn about rose water distillation process by visiting the factories spread in the region, that are over 100 factories.  


Mountaineers can do this exciting sport in Al Hada and Al Shafa mountains, where the rocks make climbing easier because it contain fractures that make movement easier. They can also enjoy the captivating scenery from the high peaks of the region.

 Al Hada Road

Al Hada road is one of the beautiful and important mountain roads. It connects Taif city to the other western and northern regions. In the night, it gains a wonderful view, starting from Kara Village and ending in Al Hada Village, which is famous for trees, flowers and pure water. 

 Fruit Basket

When you visit Al Hada and Al Shafa, you will certainly find a fruit basket. Al Hada and Al Shafa are famous for producing the best seasonal summer fruits, such as pomegranate, grape, berry, Capri fig, pear, plum, citrus, mango, cactus pear, and common fig, in addition to almond and olive plantations. The sellers are spread on the sides of the roads. 

 Al Hada Cable Car

You will have a unique and amazing experience when you ride the cable cars, which go for 4 km over Al Hada Road to Al Kara resort that contains pools and water slides, in addition to seating areas for having hot and cold beverages.


When you visit Al Shafa, you will have a chance to taste the best quality of honey in Saudi Arabia because Taif is a honey mine, as it contains flowers and green nature. Visitors can buy honey, and listen to an explanation about the extraction process and how to distinguish the good quality honey according to the trees and times of collection. 

 Al Hada and Al Shafa Resorts

Al Hada and Al shafa resort has many recreational services, including a restaurant, a hotel, a mosque, a display hall, in addition to a group of games such as climbing, mazes, cable cars, slides, water games for adults and kids, and a swimming pool. ​
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