Trees and Palm Trees of Al Ahsa

Al-Ahsa is one of the world’s largest oases with a cultivated area that exceeds 10,000  hectares and contains about 3 million palm trees. The Al Ahsa National Park is located to the northeast of the oasis about 20 kilometers  outside of Hafouf. It was designed in an ‘L’ shape, so that its main part extends to the south of the sand dunes. The other part extends toward Sebkhat Alasfar, forming a strong dam among the sand dunes and agricultural and residential areas in the region. It directly protects about 20 villages from the dangers of sand encroachment. About 180 hectares of local Eythl trees have been planted as well as some imported species such as Barbours, Kena, Casoria (please check spelling – I can’t find these tree names anywhere), and acacia.

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