Stages of the Project

Preparation Stage: Designing the organizational structure, assigning tasks, approving plans, issuing permits, monitoring the executive plan, building the official website, developing a database for national and international travel agencies and tour operators. 

Qualifying & Enabling: Qualify and enable partners and related parties to execute their roles in the finest manner. Organize pilot programs for Umrah Plus Tourism to test the readiness of Umrah operators, travel agencies, tour guides and participating businesses. Additionally, assess whether the elements of the tour paths are suitable or not for the program.
Marketing: Stimulate demand for the Umrah Plus Tourism programs by introducing Umrah performers to the available programs (where, when and how much they cost, etc.). This is done through direct marketing techniques targeting Umrah performers and the international Umrah service providers, especially in the targeted countries. Organize marketing activities after their arrival during their stay at Mecca and Medina. 

Expanding: Building on the success of the first stage, expanding the Umrah Plus Tourism Program by increasing the number of trips, organizers, tour guides, tourism routes and activities. ​

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