Riyadh City
    • The city of Riyadh is both a modern metropolis and a historical and cultural treasure. Its characteristics are diverse, that range from the shimmering golden sand dunes, to modern shopping malls, distinctive heritage and cultural sites to urban construction panaches. Such diversity makes Riyadh city the core of life and vitality in the Kingdom.

 Attraction Sites

​Visitors to Riyadh can travel through time and explore the most beautiful heritage and cultural sites here. For example, the historical Dir'iyah is one of the "World Heritage sites" that embraces the history of the Kingdom through its ancient buildings, old castles and historic villages such as Al Ghat Heritage Village.

    ​​​​​​The capital city of the first Saudi state and the Kingdom’s reflection mirroring power and pride, Dir’iyah is the...
    National Museum is located on the eastern side of the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre, in the Murabba...
    ​This large park features natural landscapes, trees and a flowing water channel that offers numerous areas to...


Riyadh is a vibrant city with an endless list of activities to do and places to see. From adventures and sports, antiquities to sightseeing, shopping malls to markets, there are opportunities here for everyone, no matter what your interest is.​​​​

    From here, exudes the fragrance of originality, reaffirming and strengthening the Arabic identity. Al Janadriyah - "National Festival for heritage and culture"...
    Al Janadriyah festival
    It is a festival that represents the inherited heritage of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where camel owners are competing with their camels in a beauty pageant...
    King Abdulaziz Award for Camels Beauty Contest
    The Fifth version of the national Built Heritage Forum soon will be launched at Qassim in the period of 17/02/1437 – 21/02/1437 (Nov.29th 2015 – Dec.3rd 2015)...
    National Built Heritage Forum


​Riyadh region is replete with many historical monuments and heritage. Museums have been developed and equipped to contain the holdings that represent the civilizations that came pass in the region. Museums open their doors to the visitors and tourists to the region’s heritage. The National Museum is one of the most important of such museums.

    The National Museum is a tourist hotspot in Riyadh given its magnificent interior design and superb outer square. Its structure combines both traditional Saudi style and modern architecture as per the latest international museums standards ...
    The National Museum
    The museum consists of a one-floor modern building with one large hall measuring about 150 square meters in area.
    Ahmad Omar Al-Zahrani Museum
    Heritage Museum of Arts and Crafts actively trains students in some of the features of fabric crafts and fine art.
    Heritage Museum of Arts and Crafts
    This museum highlights the cultural and historical dimension of the excavations conducted by the University. It belongs to the College of Tourism and Antiquities at King Saud University.
    Antiquities Museum – King Saud University
    This is a specialized museum highlighting the cultural and historical forms of currencies, and it is managed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.
    Museum of Currencies in Riyadh
    The museum's collection are displayed in large halls, displayed horizontally and vertically inside the cabinets and shelves.
    Shebh Al-Jazeerah Museum (Peninsula)
    The Al Masmak fort occupies a prominent place in the history of the Kingdom, especially in the history of Riyadh.
    Al-Masmak Historical Museum
    The museum is affiliated to the Ministry of Defense and Aviation, and it highlights the cultural and historical aspect of the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF).
    Saqr Al-Jazeera Aviation Museum
    Maghrabi Museum for numismatics and heritage is located in the southeast of Riyadh...
    Maghrabi Museum
    The museum is located in a single-floor rented building. It contains a number of heritage pieces that are displayed in five pavilions, distributed by type and use ...
    Ad-Dalam Historical Museum
    The museum consists of a one-floor old building comprising of five halls and each hall contains a large number of distinctive pieces of heritage on display...
    Ad-Dalam Museum
    The museum is located in Riyadh in the Um Al-Hamam neighborhood. It has two halls measuring 40 square meters and 36 square meters ...
    Omairi Heritage Museum
    The museum consists of three halls and an entrance and has approximately 400 exhibits which includes some coins and bank notes. ...
    Al-Waily Museum
    The museum is located in the north of the Olaya Street in Riyadh, it is composed of two floors built with mud and milk, and exhibition halls spread on both the floors. There are two attached buildings...
    Al-Wakeel Heritage Museum
    The owner has a range of excellent pieces of heritage in terms of quantity and quality. After a second thought, he must have decided to get his collections together in one place in an organized manner to tell the history of a part of the Kingdom...
    Museum of roots and heritage

 Tourism Tours

Due to the strategic location of Riyadh, it has a rich and varied history that reflects the influences of many cultures and civilizations that were established in the region.​

    Tours of Riyadh
    If you appreciate heritage, culture and ancient architectural style, a visit to Riyadh’s old city center is the thing for you. During the tour, you will experience Riyadh’s heritage, old Najdi architectural style and the handicrafts. This is a full-day tour and you can end it trying your taste buds with mouthwatering traditional dishes at one of the very many traditional restaurants here.


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