Useful Tips
In order to enjoy a pleasant trip to the kingdom, we are glad to provide you with handy tips that you may need during your stay in the kingdom.

Airports and Airlines
Four main international airports and 22 domestic airports are in operation in the kingdom.

The international airports are the King Khalid international Airport in Riyadh, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, King Fahad International Airport in Dammam, and Prince Mohammed International Airport in Madinah.

International direct flights are available from some of the Middle East airports to selected domestic airports.
For more information please contact your travel agency.

Travel to the kingdom and inside the kingdom can be arranged through international and local travel agents, such as the national carrier: Saudia Airlines,  

Other GCC and international carriers operate on routes to different cities within the kingdom.

Please check with your travel agency about which airline flies to your intended cities.


For cruise fans, due to the invigorating views of the Kingdom over large areas of wonderful coastline, and multiple ports, cruises have been organized including (diving, fishing, hiking) at major ports and coastal cities, (Jeddah, Yanbu, Dammam, Jazan).

The first Customs Regulation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was issued under the Higher Authorities Decree No. 326 dated Safar 3, 1349H (June 30, 1930). The General Directorate of Customs was a group of customs affiliates spread throughout the kingdom. Each one is responsible for customs in the surrounding area, directly following the ministry of Finance and National Economy. For more information:

Health and Medicine

Health services in Saudi Arabia have a long history that began before the unification of the Kingdom by the late, God willing, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud in 1319 AH. Primary health care centers are spread within cities, villages and the desert, offering the best curative, preventive, development and rehabilitation services.

The evolution and history of health services in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh in particular, is a worthwhile study as it is the evidence of what King Abdulaziz and other kings following him have made great effort and gave patronage until they reached very high levels.

The Department of Medical Supply is providing all the medicines, medical and laboratory supplies, especially during the Hajj (pilgrimage) season. Cooler cars are spread provided with all necessary medical and emergency drugs. The department shall publish procedures manual of medical supply, medicines, laboratory and hospitals in the Holy Mosque and sites. For more information visit the official website of the Ministry of Health.