Tabuk region is a major destination for marine tourism with many beaches and coasts. Its amazing desert nature, unique locations, and cultural heritage landmarks, provide a mix of adventure and leisure tourism for the visitor.
Historical monuments indicate to Tabuk as a home to many Nations, such as the Thamud, Aramean, and Nabataeans. Human presence in the northern part of the Kingdom since centuries BC has been evidenced by Tyma archaeological remains associated with Mesopotamia. Impact of several important historical epochs is felt here, such as the Nabateans civilization, the Edomite civilization, and the Islamic periods, including the Mamluk and Ottoman rules.

The many natural ingredients of Tabuk region, like the coastal areas with brilliant and pristine beaches, scenic Islands of various sizes scattered along its coast, and natural coral reefs dispersed across the coastline.  The region is also known for its variety of flora and fauna, and diverse natural sites like sandy deserts, hills, and exceptional rock formations.