Najran is a seat of history and civilization holding rich and enduring historical diversity. Najran city is the administrative center of the Najran Province, where historical buildings, scenic nature, nature reserves, theme parks, gardens and traditional Souks (market places) create a unique tourism diversity.

A short break or a weekend will provide a perfect opportunity to discover Najran. You can chose to participate in its diverse traditional games, or visit the local heritage and historical museums, which take you back to the most beautiful time. Enjoy the diversity of the natural environment and enrich your senses with the heritage and historical sites. While in Najran, don’t forget to shop at the most beautiful and diversified popular Souks.

Start with exploring the “Najran Museum of Antiquities and Heritage”. Amaze your sights with the wonderful engineering techniques that went into construction of the historical Amarah Palace, linking the traditional past with the future within the historic abode. Don’t just stop there! Hazen and visit the Okhdood archaeological site to be surprised by its mysteries and ancient secrets of over 1700 years old.

Make your stay longer to get an elaborate knowledge of the tourism destinations around Najran, such as Jazan and Aseer regions.