Jazan is called as the nature’s treasure and the Pearl of the South and a place of generosity, kindness, and finest hospitality. It has high mountains with perennial green cover and they also include spectacular waterfalls that create most beautiful lakes which are no less splendorous than the pristine beaches in the islands nearby.

On your short vacation, you can visit the lush green mountains with their sweet and hot water springs. Moreover, you can visit the beaches, islands, and the amazing coral reefs lurking under the sea’s depths, or you can learn about the evolution and archaeological sites in the Jazan Archeological and Heritage Museum, or you can visit the Abu Areesh and Al-Dawseriyah castles.

Give yourself a day’s more fun and learn about the Fursan islands, which include a range of natural monuments, or you can travel to the Al-Eidabi governorate to enjoy watching the Razan Valley, which is a piece of paradise on earth. To live a unique experience, go to attend the amazing annual celebration of Al-Hareed Fish Festival that you may not find in any place in the world, as you will see it in Jazan.