Al-Ahsa is an oasis rich with green spaces and water springs. It is the land of welfare, beauty, and good people. Also, it is the biggest governorate in the Eastern Province and a place of multiple historical civilizations and archeological sites.  Tourists enjoy visiting its fairytale tourism sites

To spend an interesting weekend, you can visit Al-Mishgir Historical Mountain with its fascinating nature. If you are one of the desert adventures enthusiasts, you should visit Al-Qarrah Mountain with its giant dark caves and enjoy climbing safely between its grooves. If you want to recognize the Province’s folklore, you can head to Al-Ahsa Museum for Antiquities and Heritage or visit Al-Sweej and the Gold markets.

If you want to extend your stay, you can head to Dammam to spend the most interesting evenings, or you can go to Riyadh, the Kingdom’s capital city and main commercial center using the train that stops at Al-Ahsa rail station, which has breathtaking traditional architecture style.