Al Baha
Al Baha, rich with natural resources and a delightful tourism destination, is known for its cool weather and natural diversity. Its charm lies in the architectural heritage, folk arts, crafts, heritage and buildings.

Add excitement to your short vacation by visiting the surrounding mountains and embrace the green, and the cool mist; Experience the adventure found in the lush, green tourism resorts in the middle of Al-Baha mountains. Enjoy the fascinating views, watch the best traditional arts and discover its heritage buildings. Get ready for a fascinating adventure. 

Al-Baha is fairylike with all its components of heritage, culture and breathtaking nature. Venture into Raghdan forest where diversity and fun awaits you. Visit the traditional Souks and enjoy the old fascinating crafts, and be impressed by the Dhi Ain village sitting atop white stones.

If you wish to enjoy an extended holiday, explore the diversity of tourism destinations near Al-Baha like Taif, Abha and Khamis Mushait.