Aseer province is as if sitting over the shoulders of moving clouds like in a fantasy.  The diversity of the terrain is reflected in its towering mountains, flat plains, beautiful marine and coastline rich in spectacular scenery in vibrant colors.
If you are on a short break or weekend, enjoy the huge tourist wealth and natural resources in Abha. The salubrious climate, beautiful heritage buildings, palaces, and the historic castles in Asser will take you to the most beautiful times.

A good place to start your discovery and adventure is to visit the popular Al Sawdah market, where you will find many ancient and natural products. Ride the Telpherage cable cars to the Al Sawdah scenic resort. Don’t forget to stop at Rejal Ma, it will inspire your senses with beauty and fragrance.

If you are on a longer vacation and wish to increase your holidays, zap to discover the diversity in neighboring destinations such as Baha, Jazan and Najran.