Natural Sites
Always travel accompanied by a local tour guide and foreign visitors should make sure to travel with someone who can speak Arabic and translate for you.
Also, make sure you have extra fuel and water (the recommended amount of daily water intake per person is 6 liters). It is preferable to wear a hat, sunglasses, apply sunscreen, wear light fitting clothing, and have warm outer wear and a sleeping bag for cold nights. Always check your sleeping bag, shoes and clothes each day to ensure they are free from scorpions. 

It is necessary that all vehicles are in good condition, and that you have a crank, a shovel, car jack, sand ladder, air pump, tow rope, basic tool kit, fire extinguisher, air pressure gauge and a first aid kit in your car.

When traveling in a convoy, each vehicle is responsible for the car that follows it.  If you don’t find the vehicle trailing behind you then that vehicle will have to be retrieved from the desert before you proceed.

Always maintain a good distance between the cars to ensure a safe stop. Avoid travelling into sand dust caused by the car in front of you. Allow the preceding vehicle to cross rough terrain before entering yourself so as to avoid both cars breaking down at once. If a problem should arise while handling the leading vehicle, sound the horn to alert the cars following you. If you are driving last in the convoy, turn on your high beam to alert those in front of you if you get into any trouble.

Most importantly, always stay inside your vehicle if you should ever be separated from the caravan. This will protect you from wild animals and provide shade and a greater chance for the rescue team to see you.